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  • Free local delivery in most cases
  • On-the-job site installation
  • Home and Road Calls
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Auto dealership delivery and installation
  • Garage & Repair Shop
  • Fleet Garage Deliveries

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  • Sealed
  • AGM
  • Cell
  • Button Cells
  • We can ship any battery that is not flooded.

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We buy junk batteries!

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Let us recycle your old batteries for cash!

Welcome to Battery Specialist of Hickory

Back in October, 1980 we started Battery Specialist of Hickory. A Christian man named BoBo Harrell out of Spindale, NC found a place in his heart for me. We started with 6 batteries in my dad’s garage at his car lot. As time played it, we now have a warehouse and storage facility built. BoBo passed away years ago but would have been real happy with his (little seed that grew).

We are now selling an increasing selection of batteries for handicap scooters, and wheel chair batteries to meets the needs of our handicapped customers. Having a working scooter battery or wheelchair battery greatly enhances the quality of life for these clients.

Battery Specialist has a saying — If it’s a battery, WE SELL IT! Industrial and Commercial batteries of all kinds.

We can make your 1 Stop Battery Shopping a pleasant experience.

828-322-3317 or 828-396-3388

Wesley M. Starnes


Motorcycle and Off-road Specialist

Here at Battery Specialist of Hickory, some of our specialties are motorcycle and off road batteries.

We sell Yuasa and Motorcross brand batteries – flooded and AGM cell.

We stock all model numbers and carry all high performance batteries for that bike that needs extra cranking power.

We also stock Odyssey high performance AGM batteries.

Battery Companies Represented